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The opening of a new apartment
May 24, 2023
The opening of a new apartment Bangkok
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Abstract: There are plenty of "Stage Meadows", "Rush Da-Wong", "300m to MRT lanes" on the market for 28,900.

Nepel Asset, an e-commerce apartment marketplace called The Stage Meadoo, has also launched a new project called The Stage Meadoo Meadhai. The starting price is 289 million baht.


Mr. Bandingtan's career is steaming ahead. REAL ASSET has announced more than 20 plans to invest in and develop REAL ASSET apartment projects. In addition to strengthening its port and M&A strategy, the company continues to develop new apartment projects.


The plan is to launch a new program in the first half of 2015. Office buildings, shopping malls, community markets, educational institutions, hospitals and hotels have all recently launched a new project called Stage Meade Meadaba-Hai Khwang at a cost of about 213 billion baht.


We are preparing to officially open the sample room at the project sales office near People's Square on May 27-28, 2015. The project is believed to be a second apartment under the brand name "The STAGE", which was launched in 2021 under the name "Stage Mindscape Ratchada-Hai Khwang".


It is currently under construction and sales are satisfactory. It is a project in collaboration with partners and operated by Sotsuel Estate LTD, a Japanese transport and real estate giant with more than 30 years of experience.


"I think there is order in the market, but we have to find the right price so consumers won't be able to afford it. We had done a lot of homework before we launched this apartment project and it was a good feedback that we could sell online. "Early April of last year," he said.


The project was inspired by a private tranquil space that acts as a kavas-free canvas, allowing residents to fully display their style. The two keywords are "made," which means made by ourselves, "me," which means us, and "madee," which means us.


At the same time, the focus of the project is indoor and outdoor, and the concept of the project's interior is simple design. This is a simple design, based on the concept of "mini and time".

 The opening of a new apartment

The design of the exterior building creates a strong resonance between "light" and "shadow", affecting the senses and vision. Keep it simple, keep it calm, stay away from the chaos around the project, create a focal point with Facade lines during the day and turn into lights at night.


The company's managing director Nakorn Property added that Ratchadarai-Wong district was a good selling point as it was a busy 24-hour neighbourhood.


It is a place built by Ratchada-wai and surrounded by various facilities. Not only that, but within the project itself, it still resonates through the Product and the design of the interior and exterior. Here, people can show their style and personality without any framework.


With a philosophy of design, development, project development, material selection and complete facilities, the company is confident that it can cater to the 25-40 year old client group, the so-called "third generation", who work in Ratchadhai, Ram 9 and Ace.


It's a very work-focused and family-oriented lifestyle. Dare to be different, focus on health and good quality of life, like to find new things in travel, like to bring their own favorite things or inspiration to drive life.


Facilities within The Stage Met Bay Ratchada-Huai Khwang Project include: Hideaway Ground, Lobby Gallery, Yoga Room, Creative Space, Team Space, Grass Hill, Club 31 Fitness, Sky Balcony, Medical Corner, Square 6/1, Self Storage, Garden Curve, Cozy Lounge, Air Space, Moon Deck, Sky Deck, Panoramic pool/kids pool, smart lockers, and 24 hour security system.


The company is offering an open tour of the sales office and sample room on May 27-28, 2015 for 289 million baht.

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The opening of a new apartment