Malton Private reservation residentary x Olivia Living a unique style
May 25, 2023
Malton Private reservation residentary x Olivia Living a unique style Bangkok
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Abstract: Every day begins to improve the quality of life. In creating and decorating your home with details that respect the value of life, harmoniously combined in a harmonious melody.

Big Data Consulting Co. Ltd. is a leader in real estate development, luxury flats and pet flats, creating the joy of living based on understanding and caring for the needs of all kinds of lives and lifestyles.


Under the concept of "Sharing to Harmony", it emphasises the details of a classic classical house with a simple contemporary twist. From exterior to interior elegance, and delving into every detail of the materials, the top brands chosen for the landscape architecture emphasise the storyline and the beauty of the architecture, allowing nature to embrace you.


By linking the outdoor garden space to the interior and extending the lush green space of the garden indoors, the concept surrounds the city centre forest with a neatly manicured natural wall, the garden space will surround your personal serenity.

Finally, the choice was made to reflect on the identity of the home in order to create unlimited time with the elegance of Privacy. Together with luxury luxury furniture importer Olivia Liv, create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere for the home and the space as a whole with carefully selected furniture and a stylish touch.


to reflect classic and contemporary styles, fully embracing the quality of the Master Style. Finally, Malton Private residentary x Olivia Living embodies a passion for living through interior design, French Colonial colonge and Tropical Loft.

It emphasises the connection between every space inside and outside, with furnishings and separations that are carefully selected but offer transparency of detailing, creating an elegant and perfect aesthetic between the interior lighting and furnishings.

 Malton Private reservation residentary x Olivia Living a unique style

A unique architectural charm and richness of detail.


With beige, grey, white, brown and dark blue accents, creating a classic style. A modern classic style with a coveted feel with premium material choices and layouts of furniture imported from the Olivia Living brand.


To ensure that every detail has a value that transcends time, creating a house-like atmosphere. It gives an elegant, transparent and comfortable living feeling and radiates natural light, allowing family members to spend quality time in the comfort of their home, just like the bedrooms, with plenty of space and also providing privacy for each other.


The house also utilises space in different ways, both in the Private Garden and the Outdoor Dining Area, a space for family members to sit and chat together. Dining, BBQ, parties, private pool with Jacuzzi system on the roof.


Give your home a break after a long day at work and take in the sophistication and exquisite décor of a place that reflects your preferences but also creates a relaxing atmosphere.


An identity infused with natural design.


The dark grey decor with imported furniture from the Olivia Living brand has a modern and timeless classic touch. In order for the house to indicate the identity of its inhabitants in a unique way, the aim of the project was to respect the value of life and support lifestyles of all ages.


It was important to provide the highest degree of privacy for the family members, but still experience city life in comfort. Inside, it also takes into account the aesthetic significance it contains, with every activity in the interior emphasising the benefits of its various aspects. It gives a sense of elegance, transparency and comfort, filling your life with natural light.


It is a sensory wall of steel walls, combined with a metal frame design, which reflects a modernist aspect and offers a personal touch in a spacious bedroom space. Inside, we have the Private Garden and Outdoor Dining Area for family members to chat, dine, barbecue, gather and have a private pool. Making it a space where each family member can rest each day.


Malton Private Residences Ari offers private conveniences such as private lifts, private salt water pools and private gardens for each residence. The development also features home automation, access card control, CCTV cameras within the development and 24-hour security services.