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Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city
Sep 16, 2023
Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city Bangkok
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Abstract: ORI Plans to Launch New Residential Project in Phuket.

ORIGINAL REAL ESTATE (ORI) plans to launch new residential projects in Phuket at all price levels to provide opportunities for the revival and continued growth of Phuket's tourism industry. 2,566 condominiums with a cumulative value of more than 300 million baht will be offered in three years by Thai and foreign real estate service companies in cooperation with other businesses such as hotels, property services, etc. The company is preparing to open new condominiums in the "Country of Origin" tourist town in six weeks' time.

Ready for success in the sale of "Original Kathu Patong" in 6 weeks. Condominiums over 3,000 sq.m. of common area near Patong Beach starting at 490,000 baht on 17th - 1st of June, offering the original resort investment model to meet the needs of investors with 10 consecutive years of returns.

Mr Krish Tchasama Managing Director of Orijen Property Public Company Limited (ORI) condominium developer Orijen National Company Limited Revealed that under the Origins Unlimited Growth Plan of the Orijen Property Group, Orijen Property is committed to expanding all types of business in major cities across the country.

Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city

Recently, the group is set to launch new residential, villa and condominium projects in Phuket at affordable prices to support the revitalisation and development of world-class tourist cities such as Phuket.

Since 2565, Ori Gold Properties has been exploring and purchasing numerous sites in Phuket, including land for condominiums, hotels, villas and mixed project developments, as we recognise that although Phuket is a COVID-19 affected province, Phuket is also one of the fastest recovering and growing provinces. The trend of transferring ownership of houses and condominiums in Phuket continues to rise.

According to the Real Estate Information Centre's data Housing Bank found that the amount of transfers in the first quarter of 1 year increased by more than 2,666% compared to the same period last year. In addition, the number of tourists and flights to Phuket is about 40-10% higher than we estimated at the beginning of the year, and Russians purchased about 1.5 billion baht of property in Phuket last year.

Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city

They are likely to relocate even longer due to the war situation in Russia and Ukraine. All this leads to the possibility of growth in the residential market in Phuket as well.

The Group has commissioned Origen National as the Group's prow company to explore the Phuket market this year with three projects with a cumulative project value of over 300 million baht. By Original Country to cater for both Thai and foreign markets, such as Russia, plans to distribute at all price levels and focus on designing projects to meet their needs for purchasing for owner-occupation and long-term investment.

Meanwhile, in some projects, partnerships will be established with other subsidiaries such as Ichihara Public Company Limited or ONEO, P Remote Co. Original Health Care Ltd. provides condominium, hotel and real estate related services. Health services, join us in adding. Building a full life and living in an area.

Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city

Mr. Krish added that the company has launched a new project in Phuket, Phuket Originals Centre, and completed sales in just 1 week, which reflects the brand's outstanding performance in the design of rooms and public areas.

As a result, the company is ready to launch a branded project. There is also a project for Original Kathu Patong, a joint venture with Phuket Villa Company.

Orijinkatu-Patong is an 8-storey condominium project consisting of 3 buildings with 617 residential units and 7 commercial units on land at 6 Rai. The corner of Uncle's Town is on Purapujikau Road, just 10 minutes to Padang Beach and Old Town, surrounded by many landmarks.

Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city

2 Bengkatu Municipal School, Songkhla University, Government Centre Red Hills Golf Club and Phuket Andamananda Water Park are ideal places to stay for leisure and recreational travellers. Ideal for a group of people staying on their own or investors looking to invest in property in the fastest growing city.

Rooms are available in five types, including 25 square metres for one-bedroom flats and 28 square metres for living room suites. Designed for residences with large balconies. Meeting the needs of owner-occupiers Lounge Suite 28 square metres The room is the same size. It has been designed with a smaller balcony to increase the space of the room as if staying in a hotel.

Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city

Master Suite 34 square metres and Ocean Suite 47 square metres The Master Suite and Ocean Suite are a large pool access with the pool being a short walk from the room. Additionally, within the development, retail outlets bring together top shops. Catering for all dining and shopping needs in one place, the aim is to create a new community that caters to the residents' side of the property, based on a luxury leisure mixed-use concept and equipped with over 3,000 square metres of centralised facilities.

This is one of the first phenomena that the company has also created in the Phuket condominium market.The Origin Resort Investment Programme, like the indigenous Kathu Patong, owns one third of the entire unit to cater to the needs of rental property investors in Phuket, providing investors with an investment that requires no management.

Passion's team of real estate experts help manage the assets in the form of serviced flats, offering tenants or guests 10 years of continuous returns and a 7-year 2% high return guarantee.

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Original Country opens new flats in Phuket's tourist city
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