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Central Patana Apartment Business Continues to Grow to Further Expand into Luxury Markets
Sep 18, 2023
Central Patana Apartment Business Continues to Grow to Further Expand into Luxury Markets Bangkok
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Abstract: The Central Patana Residences business is planning to expand to Port Luxor in the <> quarter of 2566 to provide a better future for all and business developers, including Central Mall, Residential, Office and Hotel.

The annual Imagine a Better Life event on the 18th floor of Central World brings together six residential, condominium and townhouse projects offering the year's best promotions and special offers across Thailand for booking guests only.

Mr Varya Jirathiwat, President and CEO Central Pattana Residences is another successful business where we have invested in major and secondary cities, expanding our housing projects to cover 18 provinces and contributing to a thriving distribution.

Our projects have the best location advantage in all regions and cities. The retail component is linked to hotels and offices, making it a highly promising mixed-use project.

"We endeavour to create high quality residential projects, drawing on our experience and expertise as a real estate leader and designing a location to make space to enhance people's quality of life. Therefore, all projects emphasise on building a quality community and a great environment. Offering high quality homes and flats that are functional, safe and suitable for people of all genders to live in. all ages," said Mr Walia.

Central Patana Apartment Business Continues to Grow to Further Expand into Luxury Markets

Mr Gerry Dechay, Resident Business Corporation Central Patana said, We have launched seven brand new projects including three ESCENT flat projects including Fichaburi, Buriram and Bangna and four residential projects.

Banirathi Nahongsri and Baniratha are the latest brands at three locations, including Rama 3, Paksar Park, and Ekachai-Ring, which are expected to achieve sales of Bt200 million by the end of this year. Given the trend in the fourth quarter of this year, the property market is still heading in the right direction and housing demand is positive, especially among high-end customers with sustained purchasing power.

"As such, we have launched the Nirada brand with the aim of moulding it as the flagship brand for flat projects to penetrate Bangkok's luxury residential market, featuring high privacy and exclusive neighbourhoods with a modern European design with Mediterranean styling and simplified details. Understanding each generation to meet the lifestyle needs of the younger generation who want a home that reflects their pride of achievement. Starting prices at Benirada are around 200,000 to 300,000 baht."

The Mediterranean-style luxury single family home is ideally located near Rama 2 Road. Connecting to the economic zone in addition, it connects to the entire province of Nakhon Pathom via Puttasakorn Road and the South Gate to cater for a variety of lifestyles including Central Rama 3, Tops Club, Central Mahachi and lifestyles.

From the beginning of the flats, ESCENT branded projects have been located in shopping malls across the country, developing into a premium brand of Phil Apartments.

The combination with Central Mall and Robinsons Lifestyle Mall can be described as an insight overlooking the true Behaviour of Behaviour and domestic décor across the country.

With a wide range of brands and products (both low and high level), we have ready access to all price levels.

In terms of sustainability, "Central Houses and Apartments" also takes into account the good environment and quality of life. All homes have EV charger support points for all electric vehicles.

In addition, SCG has partnered with SCG to use SCG Green Choice labelled building materials and products on the project in conjunction with SCG's Active Air Quality innovation, which filters out PM 2.5 dust and reduces the introduction of germs, bacteria and viruses into the homes, as well as the installation of solar panels on the clubhouse roofs and solar cell lights for the communal areas.

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Central Patana Apartment Business Continues to Grow to Further Expand into Luxury Markets