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SCOPE Thonglor: Leading the Market with Thailand's Ultra-Luxury Top-Floor Condominium Project
四月 9, 2024
SCOPE Thonglor: Leading the Market with Thailand's Ultra-Luxury Top-Floor Condominium Project 曼谷
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Abstract: Scope Thonglor is a brand-new top-floor condominium in Thailand developed by SCOPE. As a unique and luxurious real estate developer, SCOPE has demonstrated its strength in the real estate market. This top-tier project, valued at over 10 billion Thai baht, is located in Bangkok, adjacent to the BTS Thonglor station, making it Thailand's first all-top-floor condominium residence.

Mr. Yongyut Chaipromprasit is the Chief Executive Officer of Scope Company Limited, with over 32 years of experience in the top-tier real estate market. With a deep understanding of ultra-luxury projects, Scope not only considers traditional market factors but also takes into account clients' needs, preferences, and lifestyles. Purchasing ultra-luxury properties exceeding 1 billion Thai baht is not just about meeting demands but also satisfying buyers' personalized desires and expressing their identities.

To meet the demands of ultra-luxury buyers, Scope is committed to innovation in the residential development industry. Each unit in Scope Thonglor is a full top-floor condominium, with a total of 100 floors. This unique design not only provides luxurious living spaces to meet residents' daily needs but also boasts an excellent location. Starting at 415 square meters, units feature 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and 1 dressing room, with prices starting at 20 billion Thai baht.

Full top-floor condominiums offer many advantages, one of which is ultimate privacy. Residents have very few chances of encountering neighbors since they do not need to share the same floor. Besides providing comfortable living spaces, this design enhances peace of mind. Compared to regular apartments, this design can avoid potential disturbances and issues. Additionally, the project emphasizes maintaining a close ratio of staff to residents to ensure residents receive comprehensive professional services.

SCOPE Thonglor: Leading the Market with Thailand's Ultra-Luxury Top-Floor Condominium Project


The project's location is impeccable, situated on the Sukhumvit main road, just 0 meters from the Thonglor BTS station. This lifestyle destination in the heart of the city offers convenience and comfort to residents, allowing them to easily connect their personal lives, work, and entertainment activities.

In addition to prioritizing privacy and location, Scope also focuses on meticulously developing the Scope Thonglor project to ensure world-class quality and designs that meet international standards. The interior design of the project is completed by the renowned designer Thomas Juul-Hansen, who also contributed to the design of the Scope Langsuan project, priced at up to 100,000 Thai baht per square meter.

Scope Thonglor not only offers services and facilities needed by typical project residents but also provides executive care and services overseen by Scope's professional team. These details ensure that the project's value continues to grow over time. All these factors create inner peace and pride for owners purchasing properties under the Scope brand. SCOPE is suitable for customers seeking quality of life, including investment clients.

With outstanding performance in all aspects, the sales response to Scope Thonglor has exceeded expectations. Since its official launch, approximately 55% of units have been sold, with sales expected to reach 100% by the end of 2024. Mr. Yongyuth concluded, "This is a testament to our project's outstanding performance."

This indicates Scope's leadership position in the ultra-luxury real estate market and their ability to meet customer needs and provide exceptional experiences. The opening of Scope Thonglor marks a milestone in the Thai real estate market, showcasing SCOPE's true strength as an exclusive scale ultra-luxury real estate developer to the world.

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SCOPE Thonglor: Leading the Market with Thailand's Ultra-Luxury Top-Floor Condominium Project
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