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Sansiri Public Company Limited Champions a New Concept of Future Living
五月 10, 2024
Sansiri Public Company Limited Champions a New Concept of Future Living 曼谷
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Abstract: As it marks its 40th anniversary, Sansiri Public Company Limited reaffirms its status as a design leader, emphasizing a philosophy centered around "designing for the future."

Celebrating four decades of innovation, Sansiri is reinforcing its position as a leader in design with the concept of "designing for the future." Ms. Sriampai Rattanamyur, Chief Marketing Officer, highlights that the company is dedicated not only to developing products with unique design and functionality but also to creating timeless beauty that withstands the passage of time.

In 2024, Sansiri's team has intensely researched and analyzed evolving consumer behaviors, driving innovations across three key areas: aesthetic lifestyle design, space optimization, and sustainable design. These initiatives not only meet the demands of modern lifestyles but also reflect a desire to engage with and experience new things, while carrying a responsibility towards the environment and society.

Moreover, Sansiri is reinforcing its leadership in design by creating a robust and recognizable brand identity. This includes deriving an identity from the Sansiri logo and transforming it into various forms to reflect the possibilities of every lifestyle. Another facet of the brand experience is collaboration with world-class designers to inspire a new lifestyle that goes beyond just housing — it's about enabling people to fully realize themselves in all aspects.

Sansiri Public Company Limited Champions a New Concept of Future Living


To further push its leadership in the market, Sansiri is set to launch four new brands, including the high-end independent housing brand Narinsiri and the affordable independent housing brand Mabel, as well as the low-rise apartment brand PYNN designed for those who cherish privacy, and the exclusive serviced apartment brand ELSE.

Sansiri has also collaborated with a community of young artists, part of its partnership with top Thai designers. This initiative aims to forge an artists’ community that enhances the nation's creative economy through workshops with experts and showcases their work at national forums like Bangkok Design Week.

In terms of sustainable design, Sansiri has adopted an innovative approach by transforming construction waste materials such as marble, tiles, and wood into reusable resources. This not only demonstrates care for the environment but also showcases leadership in the use of design-forward and cost-effective materials.

Sansiri Public Company Limited Champions a New Concept of Future Living


Sansiri has also integrated visual design elements into their new sales uniforms, designed by the brand VICKTEERUT. Inspired by the interplay of light through architectural structures and the brand’s signature custom style, these uniforms blend fashion with corporate identity.

Looking ahead, Sansiri will continue to focus on driving design innovation, enriching customer experiences on multiple dimensions, exploring all new possibilities, and elevating its brand presence on a global design scale.

Ms. Sriampai concluded, "In this competitive world, where consumers have myriad choices, businesses must continually adapt to societal trends and technological advancements. By seeking new inspiration and serving customers in various contexts, we are committed to creating the best experiences for our customers and society."

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Sansiri Public Company Limited Champions a New Concept of Future Living
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