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Real Estate Investment Thrives Near On Nut BTS Station in Bangkok, Thailand
一月 6, 2024
Real Estate Investment Thrives Near On Nut BTS Station in Bangkok, Thailand 曼谷
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Abstract: The expansion project of the BTS light rail system in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is fueling robust real estate investment near the On Nut BTS station. This area has garnered attention from real estate developers due to the addition of light rail stations and routes.

On Nut BTS station is located in what seems to be a somewhat remote area east of the city center of Bangkok, but it has now become one of the "prime locations" for real estate investment. Many well-known apartment projects already exist in the surrounding area, such as those by Quality Houses PCL., Origin Property PCL., Ananda Development PCL., Land and Houses PCL., among others.

In addition to existing projects, numerous new development projects have recently emerged, attracting the attention of investors. For instance, AP (Thailand) PCL is developing the Aspire On Nut Station project near the On Nut station, which has garnered significant interest. Moreover, a luxury hotel worth 1.1 billion Thai Baht is set to be completed in the area, owned by the heir to the Chang Beer empire.

Even world-class brands are expanding their investments in On Nut. The renowned brand "Innside Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel" is planning an investment in the area. Additionally, two giants in the real estate industry have started competing for investments.

Real Estate Investment Thrives Near On Nut BTS Station in Bangkok, Thailand

Firstly, the Charoen Pokphand Group has purchased two adjacent plots of land near Lotus On Nut, located on Soi Sukhumvit 50. These lands have a total area of 1 rai 2 ngan 29 square wah, with a total value of 5.032 billion Thai Baht. The Charoen Pokphand Group plans to develop these lands into a large mixed-use project called "Lotus Department Store." The project is expected to commence in 2024, with completion planned for 2027.

Secondly, Origin Property Public Company Limited plans to develop a mixed-use project in the On Nut area, named One Origin Sukhumvit 79. The project covers an area of over 5 rai, with an estimated total value of around 3 billion Thai Baht. Currently in the environmental impact assessment phase, the project is expected to commence development this year and be completed by 2026.

Mr. Sophon Phonchokchai, President of the Thai Real Estate Research and Information Center and Real Estate Affairs Limited, also stated that by the end of 2023, the price per square wah of land around the On Nut station was 1.18 million Thai Baht, an increase of 60,000 Thai Baht compared to the previous year.

The rise of these real estate development and investment activities indicates the increasing market potential and attractiveness of the On Nut area. With the continuous expansion and improvement of the light rail system, the convenient transportation in the area will further enhance, attracting more investments and residents. This has a positive impact on Thailand's economic development and urbanization process.

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Real Estate Investment Thrives Near On Nut BTS Station in Bangkok, Thailand
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