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EDEN EKKAMAI: Thailand's First Ultra-Luxury Low-Density Low-Rise Residential Project
一月 17, 2024
EDEN EKKAMAI: Thailand's First Ultra-Luxury Low-Density Low-Rise Residential Project 曼谷
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Abstract: Eden Estate Limited has launched a remarkable project in the Thailand real estate market named "EDEN EKKAMAI." It stands as Thailand's first ultra-luxury low-density low-rise residential project, aiming to pioneer a new market segment in the ultra-luxury real estate sector.

EDEN EKKAMAI is located in Ekkamai Soi 300 in central Bangkok, featuring only 17 private units, occupying 12% of the building for standard parking spaces. The project stands out for its unique design philosophy and luxurious living experience.

Comprising a 7-story building, the project includes 17 units, consisting of duplex and simplex units. Each unit starts from 350 square meters, offering spacious, well-ventilated spaces and the highest level of privacy. Despite being a "unit," it feels more like a warm home, providing residents with a sense of belonging and comfort.

Additionally, the project offers unparalleled amenities such as private elevators, a luxury common lounge, a private fitness center, an infinity pool, a private Himalayan salt sauna, and a private concierge reception. Residents can enjoy exclusive supervision and convenient services, adding more convenience and enjoyment to their lives.

The Eden Ekkamai project is designed and developed by the internationally renowned SCDA Architects. Known for their unique design philosophy and innovative architectural style, they have received recognition through multiple international awards.

The interior design of the project is handled by PIA Interior, emphasizing details and combining modern and timeless aesthetics. Landscape design is managed by PLandscape (PLA), dedicated to creating a green and harmonious environment, making the entire project more beautiful and livable.

EDEN EKKAMAI: Thailand's First Ultra-Luxury Low-Density Low-Rise Residential Project

In addition to modern design concepts, Eden Ekkamai incorporates traditional Thai elements to express respect for the country's culture. The project also emphasizes family and pet-friendliness, offering flexible living spaces, extensive functionality, and adaptability. They ensure that each home is designed and built meticulously to meet evolving needs and lifestyles over the decades.

Another unique aspect of Eden Ekkamai is its low-density housing design. Prioritizing privacy and detail, focusing on individual resident needs, and providing an unparalleled staff-to-resident ratio, this low-density design allows residents to enjoy a more unique and intimate living experience, away from overcrowded environments.

As a pioneer and leader in ultra-luxury low-density real estate development, Eden Estate is committed to sustainable development and setting new standards for the Thailand real estate industry. They aim to redefine the luxury real estate market, providing an exceptional legacy and experience for generations.

Ms. Thanthip Chiaravanont, CEO of Eden Estate Limited, stated, "Eden's goal is to bring a new dimension to the real estate industry in Thailand. We are committed to preserving the beautiful skyline of Bangkok by building fewer skyscrapers and developing more meaningful architecture. We focus on providing spaces that support growth, as we believe homes should be an investment passed down through generations. This is something we deeply consider in our design and development process."

Mr. Kittisak Teeraaksornpat, Chief Project Officer of Eden Ekkamai, mentioned, "The launch of Eden Ekkamai marks the positioning of Eden Estate in the ultra-luxury market. As Thailand's first and only real estate company focusing on developing ultra-luxury low-density properties, we are committed to providing a thoughtful and personalized experience while maintaining design standards and using top-quality materials."

To strengthen ethical standards and social responsibility, Eden Estate also plans to establish a unique business ecosystem. This ecosystem will include EDEN Residential Development, EDEN Home (a carefully curated international home goods retailer), and EDEN Country Club (a members-only family-friendly health and sports promotion club). Through these initiatives, Eden Estate is committed to providing comprehensive services and experiences, creating a unique and integrated community for residents.

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EDEN EKKAMAI: Thailand's First Ultra-Luxury Low-Density Low-Rise Residential Project
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