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GRAND DECO Salaya Project by DCON Group
一月 30, 2024
GRAND DECO Salaya Project by DCON Group 曼谷
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Abstract: Launched by "Aura" under the DCON Group, the GRAND DECO Salaya project had its grand opening in 2567. It encompasses spacious independent residential and commercial buildings with a Nordic style. The project's first phase has achieved a 50% sales rate, with ongoing development of other new projects.

The launch of the GRAND DECO Salaya project is driven by market demand, aiming to meet customers' needs for independent residential and commercial buildings.

As a company specializing in real estate development, the DCON Group is committed to providing high-quality, high-value-added products and services to its customers. Therefore, they place great emphasis on the planning and design of each project to ensure it meets customer needs and expectations.

In the GRAND DECO Salaya project, the DCON Group has employed modern facilities and high-quality materials to provide a comfortable, safe, and high-quality living environment.


Additionally, the project is equipped with comprehensive community facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and children's playgrounds to meet the diverse needs and recreational activities of residents.

To ensure the project's success, the DCON Group has implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy. Firstly, they utilize digital channels such as social media to reach out to more potential customers and provide detailed project information and services through various means.

Secondly, they combine new and traditional marketing strategies such as outdoor advertising and on-site displays to increase the project's exposure and lay the groundwork for future sales.

Furthermore, the DCON Group conducts personalized marketing activities targeting customers with purchasing power to enhance sales rates. For example, they organize luxury hospitality events inviting potential customers to visit and experience the project site, further deepening their understanding and trust in the project.

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GRAND DECO Salaya Project by DCON Group
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