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Sansiri Leads Thailand's Luxury Residential Market
一月 31, 2024
Sansiri Leads Thailand's Luxury Residential Market 曼谷
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Abstract: Sansiri, a leading real estate developer in Thailand, specializes in developing high-quality luxury and ultra-luxury residential projects. Recently, they have launched several exclusive residential projects, with BuGaan Rama 9-Meng Jai becoming the focal point, selling out in just one day and breaking Thailand's luxury home sales record.

BuGaan Rama 9-Meng Jai is part of Sansiri Luxury Collection, featuring 8 rare and unique luxury residential units valued at over 80 billion Thai Baht. The project is located in a prime location in the heart of Bangkok, with prices ranging from 900 million to 7.018 billion Thai Baht. The success of this project underscores Sansiri's superiority in design and taste, setting a new standard in Thailand's luxury and ultra-luxury real estate industry.

In addition to BuGaan Rama 9-Meng Jai, Sansiri has also launched other exclusive residential projects, such as BuGaan Yothinpattana, which sold out within 4 months. The company plans to launch more exclusive residential projects in locations like BuGaan Pattanakarn and BuGaan Krungthep Kreetha to meet the growing demands of customers.

Sansiri Leads Thailand's Luxury Residential Market

Sansiri emphasizes their standards of product and service, conveying quality, functionality, and service through real customer experiences. In addition to exclusive residential projects, Sansiri also provides after-sales service and advanced security systems aimed at taking care of Sansiri families throughout their stay.

Furthermore, Sansiri plans to introduce more luxury and ultra-luxury residential projects to meet the growing demands of customers. They aim for sustainable growth by increasing the proportion of these projects and plan to launch 16 new projects with a total value exceeding 23 billion Thai Baht.

Sansiri's success is driven by the company's emphasis on design and taste, as well as a deep understanding of customer needs. They provide customers with high-quality products and services while continuously innovating and evolving to meet the ever-changing market demands.

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Sansiri Leads Thailand's Luxury Residential Market
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