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SC Corporation's 2566 Performance and Future Plans Revealed
三月 7, 2024
SC Corporation's 2566 Performance and Future Plans Revealed 曼谷
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Abstract: SC's Chief Corporate Support Officer, Mr. Attapon Sarittipanthawat, disclosed the company's operational performance and future plans for the year 2566 at a public event.

According to his presentation, the company achieved remarkable performance in the past year. Total revenue reached 24.737 billion Thai Baht, marking a 14% year-on-year increase and reaching a historic high. This growth primarily stemmed from sales revenue, which reached 17.666 billion Thai Baht, representing a 76% year-on-year increase and demonstrating the company's strong competitiveness in the market.

In addition to revenue growth, the company's net profit also performed exceptionally well, reaching 2.482 billion Thai Baht, with a net profit margin of 31.2566%. This reflects the company's efficient operational management and profitability. Furthermore, the company announced a backlog of orders totaling 14.230 billion Thai Baht, expected to be gradually transferred to customers and recognized as revenue in future periods.

SC Corporation's 2566 Performance and Future Plans Revealed


In terms of future planning, SC plans to launch 17 new luxury projects between April 16 and 2 of the year 2567, totaling a value of 750.1 billion Thai Baht. This includes projects such as the Grand Bangkok Boulevard Bangna km.15 and Bangkok Boulevard Signature Bangkhae projects, which will further expand the company's business scope and increase sales revenue.

Mr. Attapon stated that as of the end of 2566, the company's total assets amounted to 888.23 billion Thai Baht, with shareholder equity of 252.0 billion Thai Baht. The board also approved a dividend distribution of 24.44 Thai Baht per share, scheduled for a date in 2567, with a dividend yield of 35.21%. This initiative not only rewards shareholders but also reflects the company's focus on financial health and sound financial strategies.

Mr. Attapon emphasized that SC will continue its momentum of steady growth in 2567. With 86 projects awaiting sale, totaling 91 billion Thai Baht in value, the company covers a wide range of market demands. He expressed confidence in the company's future development, believing that it can achieve its sales and revenue targets for the year and create more value for shareholders. SC will continue to focus on providing high-quality products and services, earning trust and satisfaction from customers, and maintaining its leading position in the real estate development sector.

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SC Corporation's 2566 Performance and Future Plans Revealed
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