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Origin Property Launches 7 New Projects!
五月 21, 2024
Origin Property Launches 7 New Projects! 曼谷
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Abstract: Origin Property has announced the launch of 7 new projects in the second quarter, with a total value of THB 11.18 billion, focusing on pet-friendly condos and high-end residential properties.

Peerapong Jaroon-ek, CEO of Origin Property Public Company Limited (ORI), disclosed plans to launch these 7 new projects through its subsidiaries. These projects include 5 condominium projects and 2 residential projects, collectively valued at over THB 11.18 billion.

Five of the condominium projects feature pet-friendly amenities, catering to the increasing number of young buyers who prefer to keep pets at home. The pet-friendly projects are:

1. Origin Place Taopoon Interchange, valued at THB 2 billion.

2. Origin Place Chaengwattana, valued at THB 2.03 billion.

3. Origin Setthabut Station, valued at THB 1 billion.

Additionally, there are two condominium projects located in tourist and economic zones:

4. Origin Central Phuket, valued at THB 1.45 billion.

5. Origin Sriracha, valued at THB 750 million.

Origin Property Launches 7 New Projects!


Peerapong highlighted the growing trend among young buyers to keep pets, prompting the company to introduce pet-friendly projects in various locations, such as Taopoon and Chaengwattana. These projects aim to cater to both residential and investment needs, with specific focus areas like Phuket and Sriracha.

Under Britannia Public Company Limited (BRI), the company plans to launch two residential projects, which include both detached and semi-detached houses:

1. Britannia Westgate, valued at THB 2 billion.

2. Britannia Ratchaphruek 345, valued at THB 3.465 billion.

Origin Property Launches 7 New Projects!


In the first quarter, Origin Property achieved a total revenue of THB 3.464 billion, with a net profit of THB 213 million. The company has reported backlogged sales orders exceeding THB 4.657 billion. In the second quarter, Origin Property plans to complete the ownership transfers for five new projects, including:

- SO Origin Kaset Interchange

- Origin Plug & Play Nonthaburi Station

- Origin Play Sriudom Station

- Britannia Ratchaphruek 345

- Britannia Westgate

Origin Property Launches 7 New Projects!


These five projects have backlogged orders exceeding 80%.

Since January, the Thai government has introduced several real estate stimulus measures, including reducing the property transfer registration fee from 1% to 0.01% and the mortgage registration fee from 1% to 0.01% for properties with a purchase and appraisal price not exceeding THB 7 million, with a mortgage limit set at THB 700,000. These measures are expected to encourage consumers to make purchasing decisions and facilitate the completion of residential project ownership transfers.

Peerapong added that the company will continue to monitor market changes and launch new marketing activities that align with consumer lifestyles. Despite the overall economic uncertainties, he remains optimistic about the future, believing that the real estate market will improve.

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Origin Property Launches 7 New Projects!
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