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Sansiri Pang Launches "SANSIRI 10 EAST" Luxury Residential Community Project at Bangna Kilometer 10, Bangkok
六月 25, 2024
Sansiri Pang Launches 曼谷
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Abstract: Sansiri Pang has unveiled its latest luxury residential community project, "SANSIRI 10 EAST," situated on a sprawling 165 Rai (approximately 26.4 hectares) of land at Bangna Kilometer 10 in Bangkok, with each square meter of land valued as high as 18,000 Thai Baht. This project marks a significant milestone for Sansiri in the real estate market, showcasing their commitment to innovation and quality.

"SANSIRI 10 EAST" is more than just a residence; it represents Sansiri's redefinition of lifestyle and community experience. With a total investment exceeding 18 billion Thai Baht, the project aims to create a community integrating vibrant living activities and high-quality residential experiences.

Under the concept of Good Community co-living, Sansiri provides sustainable comfort and premium living environments. Beyond offering upscale residential units, the project includes a range of lifestyle facilities and services designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern families and individuals.

The project features four distinctive brands—Baan Sansiri, Sirinsiri, Narasiri, and Sethasiri—offering properties ranging from 200 million to 500 million Thai Baht. By the end of 2024, Narasiri and Sethasiri brands are set to launch two new projects each, further enriching and diversifying residential options within the community.

Sansiri enjoys a strong reputation in the luxury and ultra-luxury residential market as a leader, backed by 40 years of real estate development experience and acclaimed for exquisite design and material choices. Every detail reflects a profound understanding of elegant living, ensuring residents enjoy unparalleled quality of life and environment.

Sansiri Pang Launches


In addition, Plus Property provides comprehensive after-sales services, starting from the initial purchase phase, and continues to focus on customer needs throughout the entire residential cycle. With professional lifestyle service teams and personalized concierge services, Sansiri creates a unique living experience for residents, ensuring each resident enjoys an exceptional lifestyle.

"SANSIRI 10 EAST" as a new luxury community not only serves as a residential choice but also embodies multiple functions and visions:

1. It focuses on sustainable development, seamlessly blending refined residential design with family lifestyle activities to provide residents with a healthy and beautiful living environment.

2. It aims to create a high-quality social environment, fostering an interactive and harmonious residential community.

3. Located at a key transportation node in Bangkok, near airports and commercial centers, it offers convenient access to Europe and Southeast Asia, serving as a vital hub for business and logistics.

4. It fully considers the needs of pet lovers, offering expansive natural spaces and convenient pet facilities for both pets and their owners to enjoy comfort and convenience.

Sansiri Pang Launches


The superior location of "Bangna Km. 10" connects central Bangkok with the eastern region, providing residents with convenient travel conditions to Pattaya, Chonburi, and Rayong. The accessibility is further enhanced by the convenience of Sukhumvit Road and Burapha Withi Expressway, allowing a drive to the city center in just 30 minutes.

Surrounded by comprehensive facilities, the project is adjacent to Suvarnabhumi Airport, close to the Mega Bangna shopping area and IKEA home decor center. Future developments include the completion of Bangkok Mall, expected to be the largest shopping center in Southeast Asia, offering a variety of commercial, residential, and entertainment options, further enhancing the region's convenience and attractiveness.

Apart from shopping and entertainment facilities, the surrounding area features several golf courses and international schools, such as Summit Windmill Golf Club, Thana City Country Club, and Berkeley International School, providing residents with comprehensive lifestyle and educational support.

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Sansiri Pang Launches "SANSIRI 10 EAST" Luxury Residential Community Project at Bangna Kilometer 10, Bangkok
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