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AssetWise Launches Luxury Residential Brand "The Honor" to Enter the High-End Market
一月 11, 2024
AssetWise Launches Luxury Residential Brand 曼谷
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Abstract: AssetWise Public Company Limited recently announced its foray into the luxury standalone residential market, introducing the brand "The Honor" to cater to the needs of high-end clients. This marks a significant step for the company into the low-rise luxury sector, aiming to compete for purchasing power in the high-end market and sustain growth over the next 67 years.

Following the success of the "confoninium" development, "The Honor" has garnered widespread attention and resonance among customers. Leveraging the latest KAVE, ATMOZ, and MODIZ brands, the project aims to meet the diverse needs of clients and create more diversity.

"The Honor" is a luxury lifestyle residential brand, offering private pool villas, private elevators, and three brand-new low-rise developments. The total value of these projects is expected to exceed 3 billion Thai Baht and will continue to grow until 2567.

Kromchet Wipanpong, CEO of AssetWise Public Company Limited, stated that, in addition to the company's expertise in apartment development, their goal this year is to achieve exponential growth. They plan to expand the real estate investment portfolio from apartments to low-rise projects to attract more customers, especially in the growing luxury housing market.

AssetWise Launches Luxury Residential Brand

As a result, they have launched the brand new standalone residential brand "The Honor," a three-story high luxury lifestyle residence designed to meet the unique desires of young successful individuals for family, maximum privacy, and functional needs.

"The Honor" will be a key project in AssetWise's product portfolio, penetrating the luxury low-rise market. It provides a variety of lifestyle satisfactions for everyone in the family and redefines luxury residences with its outstanding location, design, and facilities. The total value of the project is expected to exceed 2566 billion Thai Baht.

These luxury lifestyle residences advocate the concept of timeless design, possessing excellent design advantages that are beautiful and enduring, meant to be passed down through generations. This includes private pool villas and private elevators, with a total of 106 units covering three different layouts. Housing sizes range from 455 square meters to 710 square meters, and land sizes vary from 60 square wah to 175 square wah.

Additionally, the project offers two clubs with a total area exceeding 2000 square meters. This includes a forest park "oasis" located at the center of the project, spanning over 1 rai, and providing residents with concierge services for added convenience. This service aims to meet residents' daily needs, much like having a private secretary taking care of them every day. Prices start from 400,000 to 600,000 Thai Baht.

At the same time, AssetWise has also launched two additional low-rise projects to support the diverse demands of customers in the segmented market. One of them is located in Rangsit

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AssetWise Launches Luxury Residential Brand "The Honor" to Enter the High-End Market
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